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Ryan M Robson
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Ryan M Robson Jazzy. I love it. Favorite track: Man.
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released January 15, 2013



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Track Name: Jesus Christ!
There is a voice inside my head,
I say, hello, is Lucy dead?
Why is she crawling on the floor,
And shaking like a troubadour?
I've seen it all before.

You scream and say, "I like it"
When you frown it put me down.
When face to face I rest my case,
When you say that I'm a clown.
Cos' I'm a weirdo, baby,
I've seen you around.
But have you seen my face,
Around before?

It's 6am, I just got in,
My mind wants more and more.
My body cannot take it,
So I pass out by the door.
And now I weird and I'm brain-dead,
Lying on the floor.

And then a man walks in off the street,
Couldn't be anymore discrete.
He ties my hands and then dmands,
That I wash his holy feet.
You fucking weirdo, Jesus,
You wanna' piece of me?
Haven't seen your face,
Around Lately.

And when he's done he takes his gun,
Out of his shining robe,
He takes his aim and then I pray,
The devil takes my soul.
And then he falls down with laughter,
"Your already in hell!"
"Oh, so get your highs now.... you might as well."
Track Name: Man
Seven hundred thousand miles away,
Jesus holds my soul inside a cage.
Even though the Road I understand,
Everybody knows that I'm a man.

Tiger's Eye is seeking for a lamb,
Takes control of those who walk the land.
He collects their souls into a sack,
Demons rest their feet across my back.
Track Name: The Flame
We are so in love with the world,
Won't you let me sow my seeds within you.
But he won't allow you to leave right now,
I suggest you bow to the beast and his crown.

I'm the flame that lights your world,
I'm the flame that burns.

Faulty frowns live in faulty towns,
Your lust comes like lashes,
the wave on me crashes.

I'm the flame that lights your world,
I'm the flame that burns

un, deux, trois, cat.

Hey, hey what'd I say,
You come back here, you gonna' stay.
Now I tried my patience, tested my faith,
I squeeze my juice all over your face.

Now come, come, dislocate my arm,
send me to the heather-lands, send me to the farm
I was reaping in a field, sleeping in a barn,
Chopping up the wood, make the fire strong

And I feel so militarised,
Can't help seeing truth through the western eyes.
I was born in a manger, devil in disguise.
A bohemian, a christian paralyzed.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Take my soul, ride into heaven,
'Cos I'm the god of drinking wine,
Sitting on a cirrus cloud in the sky.
Track Name: Peregrine
A peregrine falcon flies out heading to the sun,
South to the sea where the breeze shoots through you like a gun.
There is sand, there is sea, there is everything you need,
A room with a view and a pocket full of weed.
Your time stands still and you never grow old,
When the winter comes it's so cold.

Medicine treats all the symptoms, never finds the cure,
A snake can shed his skin but he still lives on the floor.
A cockroach crawls through the gap below the door,
I've seen his face already, maybe, once or twice before.
But getting up to kill him always seems like such a chore,
When your always stuck in this hole.